Weave Acoustic 4K 1.1

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Weave Acoustic 4K 1.1  - 1.1 Gain Acoustic Screen Material
IWeave Acoustic 4K material is specifically engineered to Reference class 1080p and 4K video and Reference audio quality, thereby satisfying both the videophile and audiophile at the same time
It allows the speakers to be mounted directly behind the material with virtually no attenuation and no comb filtering effects.
■ Natural  white surface, woven structure,acoustically transparent type
■ Moiré-free, rotate fabric not required
■ Near-Perfect neutral in color,2% light loss
■ Enhanced sound performance.Attenuation between 20Hz and 16 KHz: < 1db
■ Perfect colour uniformity and detail clarity, No hot spots
■ Black backing stops projected light travelling through the screen, enhancing contrast level, included for fixed frame screens as customer‘s requirements
■ Mildew Resistant,flame Retardent
■ Surface can be cleaned with  mild soap and water
Matched Screen Models:
■ In-Ceiling Tab Tensioned Screen  - TIC-SL Series
■ Tab Tensioned Screen  - TAB-ST Series
■ Tab Tensioned Screen  - TAB-DT Series
■ Tab Tensioned Screen  - TAB-ET Series
■ Zero Edge Fixed Frame Screen - Edge-SN Series
■ Fixed Frame Screen - Fixed-DF3.15 Series
■ Fixed Frame Screen - Fixed-EF4 Series
■ Curved Fixed Frame Screen - Curved-SC Series
■ Max.Resolution: 4K
■ Peak Gain: 1.1
■ Half View Angle: 90°
■ Thickness: 0.55mm
■ 3D Enabled: No
■ Surface Color:  White 
■ Black Backing: No
■ Flexible Factor: No
■ Max Fabric Width: 3.0m
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