Curved Fixed Frame Screen

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Curved Fixed Frame Screen

Curved-SC Series


■ 4" (10cm) heavy duty aluminum frame wrapped in premium black velvet, curved type 15°-30°radian.

■ Easy clip and spring systems designed in one structure makes it easily and quickly to attach the fabric to the frame.

■ Almost seamless cut corner enhance elegant experience.

■ Unique tensioning systems to assure a perfectly flat screen surface.

■ Professional packing solution to  reduce risk of transportation damage

Surfaces available: 

■ECO5D 1.35    

■Villa White 4K 1.1   

■Villa Grey 4K  0.8     

■Dual Vision HD 1.0    

■Dual Vision 4K  1.1 

■Cinehawk 0.8 

■Weave Acoustic HD 1.0      

■Weave Acoustic 4K 1.1      

■Micro Acoustic 4K 1.1    

■UltraSilver 3D 2.4    

■Rear Pro HD 1.1     


Home Cinema; Private Club








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