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ALR UST-The best Ambient Rejected Material for Short Throw Projector 

ALR UST is the best Ambient Light Rejected material, made in reflective optical material, for rejecting the ambient light while maintain the superb picture quality.

The screen surface is made in Nami ambient light rejected special prism structure. It can absorb the ambient light and reflect the light to the eyes of the audiences. It has great contract and color saturation. It presents sharp and impressive image and audience will not feel fatigue after long time of watching.

The screen surface adopts the special optical sawtooth structure.

The surface is black high polyme absorbing layer, which adopts the special prism structure to absorb the ambient light. Under is the TPU optical imaging layer to restore the real image. Bottom is the PET layer. The whole structure is to fully absorb the ambient light and restore the best picture under the ambient light.

Matched Screen Models:
■ Zero Edge Fixed Frame Screen - Edge-SN Series
■ Fixed Frame Screen - Fixed-CF2.5 Series
■ Fixed Frame Screen - Fixed-DF3.15 Series
■ Fixed Frame Screen - Fixed-EF4 Series
■ Motorized Floor Rising Screen - MFS Series 

■ Max.Resolution: 4K/8K
■ Peak Gain: 0.8
■ Half View Angle: 75°
■ Thickness: 0.42mm
■ 3D Enabled: Yes
■ Surface Color: Dark Grey
■ Black Backing: No
■ Flexible Factor: No
■ Max Fabric Width: 1.65m
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