Dual Vision 4K 1.1

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Dual Vision 4K 1.1 - 1.1 Gain 4K Double White Material  
Dual Vision 4K 1.1 is specially engineered for use with tab-tensioned screens, as well as larger fixed-frame screens. This is achieved by creating a material that is thicker and more elastic to work flawlessly with tab-tensioned format screens, as well as fixed frame screens larger than 115". The material achieves the maximum detail, and resolution by providing the ideal projection surface. Opaque material is also in white color to block light from opposite side. Thus both side of this screen surface is in pure white color.        
It is specially designed to bring out the highest amount of details for the 4K/8K projectors and 1080P projectors.  

■ 1.1 gain soft white, texture free screen surface for a finely detailed, hot spotting free, high quality image

■ Wide view angle 

■ Perfect color uniformity and detail clarity

■ Double-layered black backed screen material

■ Mildew resistant and flame retardant 

■ Opaque material is also in white color to block light from opposite side. 

■ Superior performance in environment where ambient light is controlled

■ Surface can be cleaned with mild soap and water 

Matched Screen Models:
■ In-Ceiling Tab Tensioned Screen  - TIC-SL Series 
■ Tab Tensioned Screen  - TAB-ST Series 
■ Tab Tensioned Screen  - TAB-ET Series 
■ Tab Tensioned Screen  - TAB-DT Series 
■ Zero Edge Fixed Frame Screen - Edge-SN Series 
■ Fixed Frame Screen - Fixed-CF2.5 Series
■ Fixed Frame Screen - Fixed-DF3.15 Series  
■ Fixed Frame Screen - Fixed-EF4 Series 
■ Curved Fixed Frame Screen - Curved-SC Series 
■ Fast Fold Screen - Fold-EQ Series

■ Max.Resolution: 4K/8K

■ Peak Gain: 1.1

■ Half View Angle: 90°

■ Thickness: 0.40mm

■ 3D Enabled: No

■ Surface Color: Pure White 

■ Black Backing: White backing 

■ Flexible Factor: Full

■ Max Fabric Width: 3.2m












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